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Jam Night
Hello and Welcome to “Jam Night” at The Orange Blossom Opry!
Jam night is one of our most popular and beloved nights at the Orange Blossom Opry. It is an open mic night, in which the general public is invited to come in and perform with our own Orange Blossom Opry Band. There are no auditions and no rehearsals in advance. We do ask that you have some degree of talent in order to get on the stage of the Opry, whether it be singing or playing a musical instrument or comedy of some sort. Of course, because we have no auditions, we have no way of judging that, so everyone gets a “free shot” the first time. If you do not get a return phone call, you can pretty much assume you did not qualify. This does not mean that you are not welcome or a part of our family. It just means that your talents may lie elsewhere! We love you just the same!!
We generally have a waiting list to get on our jam night. It is the most popular and successful jam around. We work hard and diligently to keep it that way. It is fun, exciting and very versatile in genres of music.
If you think you would like to be a jammer, contact Suzanne Morgan for information on how to get on.
Call or text 352-266-0692 or email her at smorgan@obopry.com.
You may also view our Rules and Guidelines of Jam Night for further information.
Rules and Guidelines of Jam Night
From the desk of Suzanne Morgan
  1. Check in is between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m.  Due to time constraints, we are limited to the number of jammers on a show. If you are not here by 6:30, you may lose your spot and someone on reserve will take your place.
  2. The band will not learn songs for Jam night. If they do not know your songs, be prepared with a backup. Originals are welcome. You can accompany yourself or choose to have the band join in.
  3. Every performer gets to perform 2 songs and must know the keys of their song selections. Please do not tell the band the “original key”. They do not have time to look up the “original key”.  Know your keys.
  4. No storytelling and jokes between your songs. No profanity. Time does not allow. A little personality is fine, but please limit yourself, or it will result in the forfeiture of one of your songs.
  5. Try to keep your music fresh. Even though you have requests, please do not sing the same songs over and over each time you perform. There are plenty of songs out there to choose from.
  6. Busy season begins around September, November. Regular jammers may need to be rotated, as seasonal jammers start coming back and of course, we always have new jammers.  I ask for your congeniality and loyalty to the Opry during this time.  Welcome and encourage them to the Opry. Introduce yourselves to them as veterans here. They will learn and be guided by you.
  7. Please be in the “hot seat” and ready, available to be called on stage.
  8. If you play an instrument, please make sure it is tuned up in advance before you go on stage. Instruments are to be placed on what we call our “merchandise floor”, located to the left of the entrance doors as you enter the auditorium. You can place them there ahead of time when you are allowed entrance into the auditorium. Section 2, row I, is our designated row for jammers and their spouses. If your spouse decides to sit elsewhere, they must purchase a ticket.  If it is not “sold out”, you may move to a better seat that is available once the show has begun.
  9. Jammers are not expected to pay admission to perform at the Opry. We appreciate your time and talent. Spouses, or significant others are not required to pay admission. Friends, girl or boy, are required to pay admission and must go to the ticket window to purchase a ticket.
  10. You must call in to get on Jam. Preferably by Monday, for the upcoming week. It can sometimes be difficult to get on, due to the high volumes of jammers at times, so please be patient. Super Jam is the only Jam that is by invitation, otherwise YOU must call in. You know your schedule better than I.  My cell number is 352-266-0692, Suzanne Morgan.
*Please do not call me after 7 in the evening, before 9 in the morning. Also on Friday  and Saturdays as they are heavy show days or Sundays. During “Star Series” Sundays are also Show Days. I also get people texting and calling me during shows. Please try and be aware of when you call. Mon – Thursday best time. Thursday no later than 3 p.m.. Email anytime. smorgan@obopry.com
OBO Jam Night is a fun night and we look forward to having you entertain us. It is like no other jam. Our owner, Mr. Roger Beyers and myself, along with our patron’s, have set the standards a little higher than most jams.
Thank you for your cooperation and support! Have fun! We look forward to having you entertain on our stage at The Orange Blossom Opry.
Welcome to our Family,
Suzanne Morgan
GM/Jam Night Coordinator/ 2017