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The Orange Blossom Opry is a family oriented, smoke free, alcohol free, country music showcase located in the small Central Florida community of Weirsdale ( In Marion County, south of Ocala, north of Leesburg and close to Belleview, Lady Lake and The Villages.).  It is located in what was originally the Weirsdale School Gymnasium.

The Weirsdale School was opened in 1923 to serve students in grades 1 - 12 from East Lake Weir, Weirsdale and the surrounding areas.  It became Weirsdale Elementary School in 1955 when Lake Weir High School was opened in Sunset Harbor to serve area students in grades 7 - 12.  It was closed when the present Weirsdale Elementary School was opened and the buildings remained essentially unused until the gymnasium was converted several years ago to serve as an opry house.  The Opry first opened as "Hawhee's Country Music Opry," then became the "Weirsdale Opry," spent one year as "The Great American Music Hall," and finally became "The Orange Blossom Opry."

The current owner, Roger Beyers, is in his first year (Took over in January 2014) and the Opry Cast, or, as they are also known, the "Orange Blossom Opry Band," despite several changes in membership, has presented a variety of musical styles, mostly traditional country and Bluegrass, and its own special brand of humor for the past thirteen years.

The popular Jam Night, in which anyone is invited to sing and/or play along with the band, is held every Thursday at 7:00 PM ( A by invitation only "Super Jam" is held once a month! ), and the Opry Cast puts on its own show every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM unless a special guest and/or event is scheduled  ( See Coming Attractions ).

The Original Building

The original school house as it looks today in its present state of disrepair and overgrown with vegetation.  The gymnasium in which The Orange Blossom Opry is located is in the right foreground (You're looking at the north side which appears to be the main entrance to the gym but was actually a doorless facade.  Students entered through the two sets of double doors on the east side, now used as emergency exits.  The entrance to The Orange Blossom Opry is on the opposite side (Refer to the photo at the top of the page)).  Things look much better inside !!


Coming Attractions

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